Why use Cedar Direct?

Why use Cedar Direct?

Our focus and expertise is second-to-none. We are the UK’s first and only dedicated Cedar cladding specialist.

No-one else is focused exclusively on the production and supply of Western Red Cedar cladding. And it’s because of this focus that we are able to offer such a high quality, low cost product.

The 30 years’ experience that we have as carpenters, joiners and master craftsmen is significant. We know what constitutes an exceptional product for someone to fit. And it is the ease of working with our Western Red Cedar cladding that is a key determinant of the quality of the finish.

Our machining and tooling has been built specifically for the production of Western Red Cedar cladding; something that is evidenced in the superior quality of finish that we are able to deliver.

We love Cedar. It looks great, smells great and is easy to work with. Nothing else compares in our opinion.

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About Cedar Direct

Why use us?

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Why use us?

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Wood durability

Durability is a measurement of how long specific species of timber would last if a 50mm x 50mm cross section was left in the ground unprotected. An untreated Oak beam, which is classed as 'durable’, for example, will last 15-25 years depending on environmental conditions. The following scale of durability was outlined by TRADA, the Timber Research And Development Association.

Durability Class designation Average service life
1 Very durable More than 25 years
2 Durable 15-25 years
3 Moderately durable 10-15 years
4 Slightly durable 5-10 years
5 Not durable Less than 5 years

Please select your preferred board width.

Cladding guide

It's worth noting that the width of your cladding will impact the price. Narrow widths result in more waste and additional workmanship so will be slightly more expensive per metre.

Please select your preferred board length.

Cladding guide

We aim to deliver at least 80% of boards at the lengths you have requested. The remainder will be mixed lengths – some longer and some shorter. A request for a high proportion of longer lengths will have a higher cost per metre because of restricted supply. A mixed length order will be the cheapest because of the ease of sourcing.

To keep delivery costs low we conform to standard UK pallet sizes.

Please enter the coverage you require in either linear or square metres.

Linear metres calculates the total metre run needed for a specific board width to cover a known square meterage. If you are not 100% certain of your calculations we suggest you include wastage at either 5 or 10%.

Please select your preferred wastage.

0% means you plan on having no waste and we will deliver precisely the linear or square meters you require. 5 or 10% wastage gives you a little leeway when trimming your cladding.

If you are unsure of the exact amount of linear or square metres you require we strongly recommend you add a percentage to take account of any 'wastage', otherwise you may not be getting an accurate representation of your costs.